On the Look-Out for Paradise. Issue 21

"Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In flashes across time".  Victoria Erickson

Have you ever traveled a long way and spent enormous sums, in a hopeful search for paradise, only to find a cold rain, marital squabbles and a stomach bug? This Winter will you both duty-bound and stubbornly, load up your black carry-on with flip-flops, sunscreen and pepto-bismal in yet one more attempt?

Or are you maintaining a ledger for Saint Peter? How many pages is yours? Like my passport, I have needed to add paper. Are you concerned that your many earthly dishonors and human failings will preclude an entry into a heavenly utopia?

As you might suspect from this image, recently I have felt the extraordinary wonderland called "paradise", closed.

And so Erickson's quote shouted out. She says, don't look for euphoria in an exotic or spiritual destination so far from 'home'. Paradise is waiting to be tapped all around and inside us. It in the relationships which nurture me and in my connection to them. It is within a mundane moment which can turn into laughter and suddenly spark joy. 

I am on the look-out for paradise. No flight required. 

 Stories from the Snap Shack Issue 21 (January 3, 2023).
This blog is produced from my Piermont studio, known by my inner circle as Kate's 'Snap Shack'. Enjoy and share with others in your inner circle.

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Pamela Eckstut

Absolutely 💯 – joy, paradise, peace – they’re inside us and where we create them. I think we both live here because the nearness to nature feels like paradise and every day feels like vacation – that little spot slightly north of your kayak photo, where the reeds and marsh are so lovely and you feel the tide, where the starlings murmer at dusk, or when the moon is there…that’s one of my favorite piermont/paradise spots. What I try to create inside feels easier to find living here. Just saw that your previous post is about Patti who I love and admire. Kindred Spirits.

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