Snow Day. Issue 25

"Nothing burns like the cold". George R.R. Martin

Snow! I awoke at 4:10am this morning and by 4:30am was out into a white world, creamy hot coffee in one hand and camera in the other. Left behind, snug in their bed, was a warm husband and two blissful, snoring dogs. Wandering the streets, I eventually found myself utterly alone in the state park across the way. Wrapped in a still and silent forest, I was far removed from 4am local "Snow Alert" newscasts. Because to be human is to feel the weather on your body, the chill on your fingertips, the wetness on your face. 

Stories from the Snap Shack Issue 25 (February 28, 2023).
This blog is produced from my Piermont studio, known by my inner circle as Kate's 'Snap Shack'. Enjoy and share with others in your inner circle.

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