Misty Ways. Issue 27

Who believe in misty ways.
Everything is lovely,
In misty morning glaze.
I like misty water,
I like fog and haze
--Raymond Douglas Davies--

As a visual artist, I have increasingly leaned into the soft pattern and light created by mist, fog and haze. As a woman growing in age and perspective it feels SO damn right. These works express the wisdom found in age, that we know much, but nothing at all. The sharp youthful edges of black and white fade into the truth and loveliness of grey. And what emerges is a release, my letting go. For the the only certainty is uncertainty, on a horizon which lies beyond, in the mist and fog. 

Stories from the Snap Shack Issue 27 (July 28, 2023).
This blog is produced from my Piermont studio, known by my inner circle as Kate's 'Snap Shack'. Enjoy and share with others in your inner circle.

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Fran Laura

I love mist and fog too.
I could live in SF.

your choice of words is as stirring as the images you create

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