Stories From The Snap Shack Issue #2

Stories From The Snap Shack. Issue 2 (May 30th 2022)

"Community is much more than belonging to something: its about doing something together that makes belonging matter"  Brian Solis

'Fanning the Flames'
Memorial Day seemed all the more precious this year as we held our loved ones a little tighter over the long weekend holiday. Such is the bittersweet gift of collective grief. 

Among the celebrations and commemorations I could not ignore a meaningful change in our talk about the divided state of America.
For until this week I had never heard the newsfeed sound so utterly hopeless. Our deep national divisions on issues and positions, unchanged by tragedy, finally driving away our dreams to once again live, work and love in an American community. “We the People” suffering burn-out. 

And I was almost swept away in the loneliness.

But last night as I watched the faces of my neighbors in the glow of the Memorial Day watchfire I knew with certainty that hope is not to be extinguished. Because we may be a small community with differing positions, but we still come together to honor those who fought for this nation, divided or not. ‘We the People of Piermont” come together in wind, fire and flood to help the other…without vetting an opinion. And so I will stand with this community. Whatever it asks. 

And as I do every Monday through Friday, this week I will join a zoom gathering with women from around the country. Born of the pandemic, our tiny community thrives as we share our lives, laugh, cry, pray and eventually work-out. In this midst I will again know with certainty that hope is not to be extinguished. For “We the 5AM Warriors” jump in each other’s foxholes at a moment’s notice…without vetting an opinion. And so for this community too I will stand. Whatever it asks. 

I believe these small circles of mine are symbolic of many others. Our love, kindness, and support mean more, and our individual positions mean less. And so within each community is a place for us to begin rebuilding hope. 

In what community can you fan the flames of hope?

This blog is produced from my Piermont studio, known by my inner circle as Kate's 'Snap Shack'. Enjoy and share with others in your inner circle.

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